martedì 10 febbraio 2009

Inspired by "Devil got my woman" [Skip James]

" You know, my baby she don't drink whiskey
My baby, she don't drink no whiskey
An I know she ain't crazy about wine
Now, it was nothin' but the ol' devil
He done changed my baby's mind "

But Oh Lord I drink whiskey
Oh Lord I'll have whiskey
& if I won't I'll have wine
& I know my heart's full of lovin'
But I got some evil on my mind...

3 commenti:

Lil' Jim Wilson ha detto...

You know, my love has no sunshine
In my love there ain't no sunshine
& my love has no sleepin' bed
I walk around all night baybe
when I sleep I dream I'm dead

Lil' Jim Wilson ha detto...

But I made up my mind honey sue
Yeah I made up my mind honey sue
I'm gonna caress the lady in rags
I know her heart is fake like thunder
but I had no truth from the love I had

J.J. O'Gill ha detto...

But the devil take the women for they never can be easy.

(Whiskey in the jar, the Pogues & the Dubliners)